Summits on the Air (SOTA) W3 Association
Welcome to the Summits on the Air or SOTA W3 Association Website.  SOTA originated in the UK, but is spreading all over the globe.  The SOTA W3 Association encompasses the entire US Third-Call Area. This area includes the States of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The State of Delaware has no peaks that qualify as SOTA Summits. 

Please remember that SOTA is not just for activators. SOTA has a very nice "Chaser and SWL Award Program" for all those who don't hike!  For information about this exciting program, please click on any of the links.  The SOTA W3 Association has 220 summits in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania.  SOTA participants now have 206 summits in Pennsylvania and 14 summits in Maryland to enjoy! 

If you love the outdoors or just love to chase the activators climbing the summits, try participating in SOTA. 
Congrats to K3JH, N3ICE, AB3TQ & AA3UP
SOTA W3 Mountain Lion Awards!

K3JH has been issued the very first Red Tail Hawk Award with just under 1,000 chaser points
Changes to W3 ARM:

W3/PH-001Camp Blue Mtn South      515       1689308        40.51667-76.26067      15-Nov-2010        

W3/PO-029Lake Tu Peek Mtn now BM Smiths Gap Mtn                                                                 15-Nov-2010        

W3/PW-003Hemlock Hill East now Armenia Mtn                                                                           15-Nov-2010         

W3/PW-061Devils Turnip Patch Mtn now Bald Eagle Mtn East                                                         15-Nov-2010         

W3/PD-010Colonel Denning S.P. Mtn602197615440.31165-77.35564          1-Jan-2010
W3/PD-010Flat Rock                       605       1987165        40.25527-77.41378          4-Jun-2012         
Moved & Renamed

W3/PW-010Winehead Mtn               7202362331       40.96194-77.46822          1-Jan-2010
W3/PW-010Big Kettle Mtn                6932272300       40.96562-77.52194        13-Jun-2012          
Moved & Renamed

W3/PT-003Seven Springs Mtn          909298326440.34654-79.22604           4-12-1213          

W3/PT-007Death Valley Mtn now Bear Cave Lookout                                                                4-12-2013        

The SOTA W3 Association is very pleased to announce its very first award for SOTA Activators.  To view this award and for additional information, please click on the W3 Awards Link on the left of this page.
All SOTA W3 Activators - please note! 
SOTA W3 ARM states that all activations must be within 82 vertical feet of any valid summit.

3.7.1 Criteria for a valid Expedition (SOTA Activator Rules)

For an Expedition to be considered valid, the following criteria must be met:
1. The Activator must hold an appropriate transmitting licence.
2. All operation must comply with the amateur radio licensing regulations and must use the permitted amateur radio bands of the country in which the Association is based.
3. The method of final access to the Summit must be non-motorised. Operations must not be in, or in the vicinity of a motor vehicle. No part of the station may be connected in any way to the motor vehicle.
4. The Operating Position must be within the permitted Vertical Distance of the Summit, as defined in Rule 3.5 (25M or 82 feet). The terrain between the operating position and the actual Summit must not fall below the permitted Vertical Distance.
5. All equipment must be carried to the site by the Activator team.
6. All equipment must be operated from a portable power source (batteries, solar cells, etc). Operation is expressly forbidden using permanently installed power sources or fossil-fuel generators of any kind.
7. All operation must comply with any limitations on the use of transmitting equipment that may exist for the Summit.
8. At least one QSO must be made from the Summit to qualify as an activation. In order for the activation to qualify for the points attributed to that Summit, a minimum of four QSOs must be made, each of which must be with a different station.
9. QSOs with others within the same Activation Zone do not count towards the QSO total.
10. QSOs via terrestrial repeaters do not count towards the QSO total.
11. Activator points accrue to the operator regardless of the callsign used. The operator must be entitled to use the callsign. Multiple operators of the same station may claim activator points. Each individual operator must make the minimum number of QSOs stated above in order to claim Activator points.
12. Activators must submit a log of the Expedition in order to claim points. In the event that a claim is not to be made, Activators are still asked to submit logs so that Chaser claims can be substantiated. Logs may be submitted by filling in an entry form on the SOTA web site or as a log file. Full details are on the SOTA web site.
13. Where the mountain peak has been issued a reference number in two or more Associations, the Activator may claim points each Association provided that the Operating Position is always within the jurisdiction of the appropriate Association. Unless the licensing regulations decree otherwise, the position of the Operator is deemed to be the Operating Position. The same peak may be activated for points once per year in each Association.
14. All SOTA operations are expected to be conducted in the spirit of the programme